10th Result Date 2024 – All Punjab Boards Matric | 09 July 2024

Ranjay Kumar

10th Result Date 2024 - All Punjab Boards Matric | 09 July 2024
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The 10th Result Date 2024 for all Punjab Boards marks a significant milestone for students across the region. As anticipation builds, this momentous occasion not only reflects academic achievements but also symbolizes the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Students, parents, and educators eagerly await the outcomes, which serve as a testament to the students’ perseverance and academic prowess.

For many students, the results of the Matric exams conducted by Punjab Boards are pivotal in shaping their future academic paths and career aspirations. These results not only showcase individual achievements but also highlight the collective efforts of the educational institutions and support systems that have guided and nurtured these students throughout their educational journey.

The announcement of the 10th Class Result 2024 is not merely a conclusion but also a new beginning, opening doors to various educational opportunities and career avenues. It is a moment of pride and celebration for families and communities, recognizing the hard-earned success and potential of the youth of Punjab. As the results are awaited with anticipation, they serve as a reminder of the resilience and commitment exhibited by students in pursuit of their academic goals.

  • The Punjab Board 10th Result Date for 2024 is scheduled to be announced on Tuesday, July 9th, 2024, at 10:00 AM.
  • You can view your Class 10th Result using your roll number or through SMS.
  • For checking your Matric Result 2024
Class10th Class
Date09 July 2024
Time10:00 AM

10th Result Date 2024 Passing Percentage

This year, students must achieve a minimum of 33% marks to pass any subject, consistent with previous years. However, it’s important to note that starting from the year 2025, the minimum passing marks will increase to 40% for all subjects.

To check your Matric Result via SMS, follow these steps:

  • Open your phone’s messaging app.
  • Type your roll number.
  • Send it to your board’s designated code.
  • Wait for the reply.
BoardsSMS Code
Faisalabad Board800240
DG Khan Board800295
Gujranwala Board800299
Rawalpindi Board800296
Lahore Board800291
Bahawalpur Board800298
Sargodha Board800290
Sahiwal Board800292
Multan Board Result800293

To check your 10th Class result by name, follow these steps:

  • Obtain the gazette or purchase the CD from the board office.
  • Open the file on your PC or laptop.
  • Use the find command by pressing CTRL and F simultaneously.
  • Enter your name in the search bar.
  • Press Enter to proceed with the search.

Check Matric Result By Roll Number

Students find checking their Matric results by roll number to be the simplest method for accessing detailed 10th class results online. Just enter your roll number into the search bar and click ‘Search’ to view your marks.

Here are the steps to check your detailed marks:

  • Visit the board’s website on the result date.
  • You will automatically be directed to the results page.
  • Locate the search bar and enter your roll number.
  • Click the search button.
  • Your results will appear in a new window.

10th Class Result 2024 Quick Facts

Result StatusWill be announced on Tuesday, 9 July 2024 at 10 AM
Exams Start DateMarch 2024
Total Number of Students270000+
Participating Boards9 Boards in Punjab, 4 from KPK, 1 from Balochistan, 1 from AJK 5 from Sindh
Position HoldersAnnounced 1 day before the result declaration
Result AvailabilityOnline, via SMS, and sent torespective students through institutions
Official AuthorityRespective Bise with which students have registered for SSC exams
Weightage in Merit List10th class results are counted in college admission as well as professional degree programs

10th Result Date 2024 Punjab Board

The announcement of the 10th Result Date 2024 by all Punjab educational boards on July 9, 2024, marks a significant milestone for students across the region. Confirmed by the Punjab education ministry and respective board authorities, this eagerly awaited event will showcase the culmination of students’ hard work and dedication throughout the academic year.

Students can easily check their Punjab Board 10th Class Result 2024 online, ensuring quick access to their performance details. The result will cover a range of subjects, both compulsory and optional, each playing a crucial role in shaping students’ academic paths. For those seeking to improve their grades, opportunities for resit exams will be available, allowing them to strive for better outcomes.

This year’s result is poised to be a testament to the students’ academic achievements, reflecting not only their individual efforts but also the support of their teachers, families, and educational institutions. As students await the outcome, the education community anticipates celebrating their successes and supporting them in their future educational endeavors.

SubjectNameTypeMCQsMarksSubjectiveMarksPracticalMarksAvg ResultPercentage
Pakistan StudiesCompulsory1040N/A86.92%
General ScienceCompulsory1560N/A63.05%
General MathematicsCompulsory1560N/A45.93%
Computer ScienceElective10401081.91%

Punjab Board 10th Result Date 2024 by Roll Number

As a student, your roll number is more than just a series of digits; it symbolizes your identity throughout your academic journey. From marking attendance to submitting exam papers, your roll number is inseparable from your academic identity. Therefore, it’s natural to eagerly await the Punjab Board 10th Result Date 2024 by roll number, as it directly connects you to your academic performance. Checking the Punjab Board 10th Class Result through roll numbers on official websites not only provides convenience but also a direct link to your individual achievements in the examinations.

In the pursuit of their results, students find reassurance and validation in the familiarity of their roll numbers. This simple yet crucial identifier serves as a gateway to accessing detailed performance insights, helping students and their families gauge academic progress and plan future educational endeavors. With the official announcement of the Punjab Board 10th Result 2024 approaching, the roll number remains a steadfast marker of each student’s dedication and effort throughout the academic year. Thus, the ability to access results by roll number resonates deeply with students, marking a pivotal moment in their educational journey.

No.Boards Of EducationSMS Codes
01.Lahore Board80029
02.Gujranwala Board800299
03.Rawalpindi Board800296
04.Sahiwal Board800292
05.Sargodha Board800290
06.Multan Board800293
07.Gera Ghazi Khan Board800295
08.Faisalabad Board800240
09.Bahawalpur Board800298
10.Federal Board5050

KPK Boards 10th Result Date 2024 Updates

In July 2024, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Boards of Education are set to unveil the highly anticipated 10th class results, marking a significant milestone for students across the region. As the culmination of months of hard work and dedication, these results hold immense importance for both students and their families. Each of the KPK boards is diligently preparing to announce these results, ensuring timely updates are provided to keep all stakeholders informed.

For those eagerly awaiting their results, accessing this crucial information is made accessible through various channels. Understanding how to check the KPK boards 10th class result 2024 is vital, and here, we provide comprehensive guidance on the methods available. Whether through official websites, SMS services, or other platforms, students and guardians can easily navigate the process to retrieve their results promptly.

Stay informed and connected as we bring you the latest updates on the KPK boards 10th class result 2024, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. This moment marks a pivotal juncture in the academic journey of many, and we are committed to delivering these outcomes with accuracy and transparency.

KPK Board 10th Result Date 2024 By Roll Number:

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Boards of Education provide a streamlined process for matric class students to access their results online. By simply entering their registered roll number into the designated search bar on the official board websites, students can swiftly obtain their matriculation exam results. This convenient method ensures that students across various districts of KPK can promptly access their individual results without undue delay. The KPK boards, known for their commitment to transparent and accessible education assessments, offer this service to facilitate students in checking their academic performance directly from the comfort of their homes or any convenient location with internet access. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also aligns with modern educational practices, empowering students with timely information crucial for their academic and future endeavors. As the boards continue to prioritize student welfare and ease of access, the online result checking system underscores their dedication to providing reliable and efficient services to the matriculating youth of KPK.

KPK Board 10th Class Result By SMS:

No.Boards Of EducationSMS Codes
01.Peshawar Board9818
02.Swat Board8333
03.Malakand Board8583
04.Bannu Board9818
05.Mardan Board9818
06.DI Khan Board9818
07.Abbottabad Board9818
08.Kohat Board9818

Sindh Boards 10th Result Date 2024 Updates

As the academic year concludes, anticipation mounts for the announcement of the Sindh Boards 10th Class Result 2024, expected to be released by various educational boards in July 2024. Students and their families across Sindh eagerly await the outcomes of their efforts, marking a significant milestone in their educational journey. The results from these boards play a crucial role in shaping future academic and career paths for thousands of students.

To access the Sindh board result 2024, students have several convenient methods available. These include online portals provided by respective educational boards, where results can be checked by entering roll numbers or other required credentials. Additionally, some boards may also facilitate result checking through SMS services, offering quick and accessible updates directly to mobile devices.

As the announcement draws near, students are advised to stay updated with official announcements from their respective boards to ensure timely access to their results. The outcome of the matriculation exams not only reflects individual achievements but also serves as a stepping stone towards higher education and professional aspirations for the youth of Sindh.

Check Sindh Board Result By Roll Number:

Students can also check their matric result 2024 by roll number through the Sindh boards of education.

Sindh Board 10th Class Result 2024 By SMS:

No.Boards Of EducationSMS Codes
01.Karachi Board8583
02.Hyderabad Board8583
03.Sukkur Board
04.Mirpurkhas Board
05.Aga Khan Board
06.Larkana Board

Baluchistan And AJK Boards 10th Class Result 2024 Updates

The latest updates for the Baluchistan and AJK boards of education indicate that the 10th Class results for 2024 are expected to be announced in July. However, no confirmed dates have been officially announced by board officials yet. Stay informed with timely updates on the final results of the matric class 2024 and other related announcements.

To check the 10th Class results for the Quetta Board and AJK Board:

For Baluchistan, the Quetta Board is the sole education board. Students can check their results by name on the official website.
Similarly, for AJK, students can access their results by name through the official AJK board website.

Baluchistan/AJK Boards Result By Roll Number:

“Students from both Quetta Board and AJK Board can check their Class 10 results for 2024 using their roll numbers on the official websites of their respective boards.”

Baluchistan/AJK Boards Result By SMS:

No.Boards Of EducationSMS Codes
01.Baluchistan Board
02.AJK Board5050

Multan Board 10th Class Result 2024

Students from Multan, known as the City of Saints, will receive their matriculation results on July 9, 2024. This year, they face stiff competition from BISE DG Khan. Multan Board, the second-largest board in Punjab after Lahore, conducted the exams on March 4th. After months of meticulous paper checking, the results are now prepared for announcement on the 9th of July.

Sahiwal Board Matric Result 2024

The students under the Sahiwal Board will also receive their matric results on July 9th. For result checking, visit the board’s official website.

Lahore Board Matric Result 2024

BISE Lahore, the largest educational board in Punjab and Pakistan, will also announce its matric results on July 9th. With the highest number of students and test centers, Lahore Board holds a prominent position in the educational landscape.

Gujranwala Board Matric Result 2024

Students from Gujranwala have a strong academic reputation, reflecting their talent seen in universities and colleges. Following successful matric examinations, Gujranwala Board students eagerly await their results.

Officials have confirmed the result dates. Students can check their Gujranwala Board 10th Class Result 2024 online by entering their name and roll number on the official result page.

Punjab Boards Matric Class Position Holders 2024

Each board of education announces the names of top position holders a day or a few hours before the final result announcement. We publish the complete list of these achievers here. Every board organizes ceremonies to honor these position holders. In 2024, these ceremonies will be held by respective boards across the country. The students who achieve top positions are a source of pride for the nation. We extend our best wishes to all students for their upcoming 10th class results in 2024.”

Fields Specialization After 10th Class Result 2024

Sr #Type of ExamSubjectsResult DateNext Specialization
1.ScienceComputer ScienceJuly 2024ICS, Pre-Engineering
2.ScienceBiologyJuly 2024Pre-Medical
3.Humanities Economics, Clothing & Textile, EducationJuly 2024FA General Science, I.COM, FA Humanities

10th Class Results 2024: General Guidelines

The day you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Whether you’re celebrating higher marks or pondering your next steps after unexpected results in the BISE 10th class result 2024, it’s a challenging moment. Remember, you’re not alone—many students are facing similar situations.

Take a moment to let things settle. Then, consider your options carefully and make informed decisions about how to leverage your 10th class 2024 results effectively. Best of luck, and may you secure admission to a college that meets your aspirations.

Faisalabad Board Matric Result Announcement

Date of Result Announcement: July 9, 2024 On July 9, 2024, the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Faisalabad will officially announce the results for the Matriculation (10th class) examinations. This date marks a significant moment for students across Faisalabad as they eagerly await their academic outcomes.

Methods to Check Results: Roll Number, SMS, and Name Search Students can access their results through multiple methods:

  • Roll Number: By entering their unique roll number issued by BISE Faisalabad, students can directly view their individual results online or at designated result centers.
  • SMS Service: BISE Faisalabad typically provides an SMS service where students can send their roll number to a specified number to receive their results via text message on their mobile phones.
  • Name Search: For added convenience, results may also be searchable by entering the student’s name on the official BISE Faisalabad website or through affiliated educational portals.

Highlighting Special Achievements or Trends from Faisalabad Board Students

  • Academic Excellence: Recognition of students who have achieved top scores or distinctions in various subjects.
  • Overall Pass Percentage: Analysis of the overall pass rate and comparison with previous years, highlighting improvements or areas of focus.
  • Topper Profiles: Profiles of top-performing students, their study strategies, and future academic aspirations.
  • Regional Impact: Any notable trends or achievements that reflect the educational standards and aspirations of Faisalabad’s student community.

Sargodha Board Matric Result Update

Students under the Sargodha board can also expect their results on the same date. Notably, students from Bakhar, a region in Southern Punjab, are affiliated with this board. Let’s witness how the talent from South Punjab shines through in these results.

Rawalpindi Board 10th Class Result Insight

Students from Rawalpindi board are known for their competitive spirit, often rivaling those from FBISE. It’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top this time—whether it’s the Pindi boys or the Burgers.

How to Check Matric Result 2024

While many students are familiar with checking their results, we understand that a significant number, including parents, may need guidance on this process. Don’t worry—we’ve prepared a brief guide to help you easily access your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the 10th Class Result 2024 for Punjab Boards be announced?

The results are scheduled to be announced on July 9, 2024.

How can I check my 10th Class Result 2024 for Punjab Boards?

You can check your result by using your roll number on the official websites of respective Punjab Boards, through SMS service, or by searching with your name on designated result portals.

What are the methods to receive my 10th Class Result through SMS?

Punjab Boards typically provide an SMS service where you can send your roll number to a specified number to receive your result on your mobile phone via text message.

Can I access my 10th Class Result by name?

Yes, many Punjab Boards allow students to check their results by entering their name on the official result websites or affiliated educational portals.

What should I do if there is an error in my 10th Class Result?

If you find any discrepancies or errors in your result, you should immediately contact the respective Punjab Board’s examination authority for clarification and rectification.

How can I get a printed copy of my 10th Class Result 2024 mark sheet?

After the result announcement, you can download and print your mark sheet from the official Punjab Board websites or obtain a physical copy from your school.

What is the pass criteria for the 10th Class Result 2024?

Each Punjab Board has its own pass criteria, typically requiring students to achieve a minimum percentage of marks in each subject and overall to pass the matriculation examinations.

What happens if I fail in one or more subjects in the 10th Class Result 2024?

Punjab Boards usually conduct supplementary examinations for subjects in which students have failed. Details about supplementary exams will be provided by the respective boards after the main result announcement.

Will the 10th Class Result 2024 include grades or just marks?

Punjab Boards may provide both marks and grades in the result, reflecting students’ performance in individual subjects and overall.

How important are the 10th Class Results for future academic endeavors?

The 10th Class Results are crucial as they serve as a foundation for future academic pursuits, influencing admissions to higher secondary education and career choices.


As the 10th Class Result 2024 for all Punjab Boards Matric approaches its announcement date of 09 July 2024, students, parents, and educators alike are filled with anticipation and hope. This culmination of academic efforts represents more than just grades; it symbolizes the dedication, perseverance, and hard work put forth by students throughout their academic journey.

The results of these exams hold great significance, shaping future educational paths and career choices for students across Punjab. It marks a pivotal moment where achievements are recognized and celebrated, paving the way for future endeavors.

As we await the official announcement, students are encouraged to remain calm and patient. They should utilize official channels provided by the respective boards to check their results promptly. Whether through online portals or SMS services, these platforms ensure that students receive their results efficiently and accurately.

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