Indian Navy MR Syllabus 2024- Sample Question Paper PDF

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Indian Navy MR Syllabus 2024- Sample Question Paper PDF
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The Indian Navy has recently made available the syllabus, examination pattern, and sample question papers for the Computer Based Examination concerning the recruitment of Agniveer MR for the 02/2024 batch. These resources are crucial for candidates preparing for the upcoming recruitment drive. With the syllabus and examination pattern at hand, aspirants can align their study strategies effectively, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the topics essential for success in the examination. Moreover, the sample question papers offer valuable insights into the format and types of questions likely to be encountered during the examination, enabling candidates to familiarize themselves with the exam’s structure and enhance their confidence levels.

For prospective candidates aspiring to join the Indian Navy’s Agniveer MR for the 02/2024 batch, accessing the latest syllabus and sample question papers in PDF format is imperative. These materials serve as indispensable tools in the preparation journey, facilitating a systematic and targeted approach towards mastering the requisite knowledge and skills. By downloading these resources, candidates can optimize their preparation efforts, thereby increasing their chances of performing well in the Computer Based Examination and advancing in the recruitment process.

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Selection Process for Indian Navy’s Agniveer (MR)

The preparation of the merit list for the Agniveer (MR) – Male and Female candidates hinges on multiple factors, primarily the performance in the Stage-II written examination. However, this assessment is contingent upon meeting the eligibility criteria set forth in the Physical Fitness Test and Recruitment Medical Examination. These prerequisites ensure that candidates not only demonstrate academic proficiency but also possess the physical aptitude required for the role.

It’s noteworthy that the merit list for Agniveer (MR) – Male and Female applicants is formulated on an all-India basis, emphasizing fairness and impartiality in the selection process. This approach ensures that candidates from across the country have an equal opportunity to showcase their abilities and compete for the coveted positions within the Agniveer program. The transparency of the selection process is further emphasized by the publication of results on the candidate dashboard, accessible through the designated website, enabling candidates to track their progress and outcomes efficiently.

Details of the written test for Navy MR (Matric Recruit) by Agniveer.

The examination format for this assessment will be computer-based, consisting of 50 questions in total, each carrying one mark. These questions will be presented in a bilingual format, in both Hindi and English, and will be of objective type, utilizing a multiple-choice framework. The paper itself will be divided into two sections: ‘Science & Mathematics’ and ‘General Awareness,’ aligning with the syllabus standard of 10th grade. Candidates can access the syllabus and sample papers for preparation through the official websites: and

Candidates will have a duration of 30 minutes to complete the examination. To qualify, candidates must pass each section individually as well as achieve an overall passing score. The Indian Navy retains the authority to establish the passing marks for each section and for the aggregate score.

It’s essential for candidates to be aware of the penalty for wrong answers. For each incorrect response, a penalty (Negative Marking) will be applied. With four alternatives provided for each question, one fourth (0.25) of the marks assigned to that particular question will be deducted as a penalty for every wrong answer given by the candidate.

The syllabus for the Indian Navy MR Agniveer Examination 2024 is now available.

Section A: Science and Mathematics

Covering topics such as the nature of matter, the universe (including planets, earth, satellites, and the sun), electricity and its applications, force and gravitation, Newton’s laws of motion, work, energy, and power, heat, temperature, metals and non-metals, carbon and its compounds, measurements in science, sound and wave motion, atomic structure, mathematical simplification, ratio and proportion, algebraic identities, linear equations and polynomials, simultaneous equations, basic trigonometry, simple mensuration, geometry, measures of central tendency (average, median, and mode), interest, profit, loss, percentage, work, time, speed, and distance.

Section B : General Awareness

Geography, which delves into aspects such as Soil, Rivers, Mountains, Ports, Inland, and Harbours, providing insights into the diverse geographical features of the country.
Culture and Religion, touching upon Freedom Movement, Essential National Facts about India, Heritage, Arts, and Dance, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry and historical significance of India.
History, covering areas like Defence, Wars, Neighbors, Awards, Authors, Discoveries, Diseases, and Nutrition, offering a holistic view of India’s past, including its military history and contributions to the world.
Current Affairs, encompassing Languages, Capitals, Currencies, Common Names, Full Forms, and Abbreviations, keeping candidates abreast of ongoing events and developments both nationally and internationally.
Eminent Personalities, National Symbols, and Sports, highlighting significant figures, national symbols like Bird, Animal, Sport, Flower, Anthem, Song, Flag, Monuments, as well as Sports Championships, Winners, Terms, and the structure of sports, including the number of players involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Indian Navy MR Syllabus for 2024?

The Indian Navy MR (Matric Recruit) Syllabus for 2024 covers various subjects including Mathematics, Science, English, and General Knowledge.

Where can I find the Indian Navy MR Sample Question Paper PDF for 2024?

The Indian Navy MR Sample Question Paper PDF for 2024 can typically be found on the official website of the Indian Navy or through authorized educational portals.

What topics are included in the Mathematics section of the Indian Navy MR Syllabus?

The Mathematics section of the Indian Navy MR Syllabus typically covers topics such as Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Mensuration.

What subjects are covered under the Science section of the Indian Navy MR Syllabus?

The Science section of the Indian Navy MR Syllabus usually includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, covering basic concepts and principles.

Is there any specific focus area within the English section of the Indian Navy MR Syllabus?

The English section of the Indian Navy MR Syllabus emphasizes grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and basic writing skills.

What type of questions can I expect in the General Knowledge section of the Indian Navy MR exam?

The General Knowledge section typically includes questions related to current affairs, history, geography, sports, and general science.

How can I prepare effectively for the Indian Navy MR exam based on the syllabus?

Effective preparation involves understanding the syllabus thoroughly, practicing with sample question papers, utilizing study materials, and seeking guidance from experienced mentors or coaching institutes.

Are there any changes in the Indian Navy MR Syllabus for 2024 compared to previous years?

It’s essential to stay updated with any revisions or additions to the syllabus, which can be confirmed by referring to official notifications or announcements from the Indian Navy.

Is there negative marking in the Indian Navy MR exam for incorrect answers?

Typically, there is no negative marking for incorrect answers in the Indian Navy MR exam. However, it’s advisable to carefully read the instructions provided in the exam notification.

Can I rely solely on the sample question paper PDF for preparation, or should I refer to additional study materials?

While the sample question paper PDF provides a valuable insight into the exam pattern and types of questions, it’s beneficial to supplement your preparation with other study materials such as textbooks, reference guides, and online resources for comprehensive understanding and practice.


It seems like you’re asking for a conclusion regarding the Indian Navy MR (Matric Recruit) syllabus for 2024 and perhaps a sample question paper in PDF format. While I can’t provide you with a specific conclusion or a sample question paper, I can give you an idea of what the conclusion might entail and where you might find such resources.

Typically, a conclusion about the Indian Navy MR syllabus for 2024 might summarize the key topics covered, the importance of preparing for the exam thoroughly, and perhaps some tips for success. It might also mention the significance of understanding the exam pattern and practicing with sample question papers to improve one’s chances of scoring well.

As for obtaining a sample question paper in PDF format, you might want to check official sources such as the Indian Navy’s website or recruitment portals. They often provide past question papers or sample papers for aspirants to practice with. Additionally, there may be educational websites or forums where users share study materials and resources related to Indian Navy exams.

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